Welcome to the American Academy of Teachers of Singing (AATS)

Who We Are?

We are a select group of nationally recognized teachers of singing and voice experts. Members include those who are faculty at prestigious colleges, universities, and conservatories, as well as teachers in independent studios. Many members are esteemed performers of classical and/or contemporary commercial music, noted authors, and voice science researchers. Members are accepted by internal nomination only. As directed by the AATS charter, the maximum number of members at any given time is forty. Please consult our "Members" page for more information.

Where are we?

The Academy is based in New York City where members, primarily from the greater New York metropolitan area, meet five times a year to work on AATS business. Additionally, all members are able to participate in the process of writing these papers and statements through normal channels of communication and through visits to the regular meetings whenever possible.

What do we do?

The Academy works together as one body to offer professional advice and guidance to those interested in singing, the teaching of singing, the business of singing, and the science of singing. This advice and guidance is offered primarily through our position papers on various topics of significance to the profession. The papers are drafted by committees and then shared with the membership for input, editing, and revision. When final drafts have been approved by the membership, the papers are published and presented at conferences. The Academy papers reflect our speaking as "one voice." They are available under "Publications" on this website at no charge. The Academy does not operate a school nor does it offer classes of any kind.